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In response to: Mind Game memory

Robert Sommers
Yes, that's what I meant if I wasn't clear. My friend's friend had taken the issue apart to make the poster on his ceiling.

Thanks for the links! :D
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In response to: Mind Game memory

As far as I know, Dave has never released any of the Mind Games as posters. But a few fans have taken apart the issues and stitched them together themselves. . .including me :D
Here is issue 20:

and here is issue 63:
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In response to: Cerebus #19: Trouble in Togith

Having read all of Cerebus except the first telephone book's worth, I am surprised that there's so much Lord Julius, so early ... keep up the good work.
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In response to: Cerebus #14: You bet your aardvark?

You haven't mentioned about Silverpoon story. I'm reading the phonebook and in it, there a short story (11 pages) between issue 13 and this one. I looked it up on the internet and it was first published in The Comic Buyer's Guide and later in biweekly reprints and phonebooks. In general it covers the synopsis of #14 issues and it's quite funny. Silverspoon adds nicely to wide array of screwballs in Cerebus. Not to mention it makes the storyline more coherent.

You can look up details on Cerebus Wiki:
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In response to: Cerebus #19: Trouble in Togith

Robert Sommers
See, this is what I get for trying to review a sword & sorcery comic book without being an expert in the genre. :)

I vaguely knew that Frank Thorne worked on Red Sonja, but I didn't make the Henrot connection. And the Geet-a/Gita connection went right over my head.

So please let me know if you see anything else I've missed. :)
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In response to: Cerebus #19: Trouble in Togith

Back in the 70s, the first bunch of Red Sonja issues were drawn by a guy named Frank Thorne - Henrot is an anagram of Thorne, and I imagine he looks like him, too. "Gita" was a Sonja-like character Thorne created for himself later (Marvel owned his work on Red Sonja).

So, I think there's some humor in there, somewhere.
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In response to: Cerebus #11: Roaches check in

I agree with Jeff. Tick was created after the appearance of Cockroach in Cerebus and the similarities are so obvious, that it can't be a coincidence.
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In response to: Cerebus #17: T’Gitan plans

Robert Sommers
Thanks, Kentigern! :)
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In response to: Cerebus #2: More of the same, really

Robert Sommers
I think you're right. At some point, he begins to plan out the larger story and story arcs, but at this point I don't think he's thinking very far ahead.
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In response to: Spoilers for me, spoilers for thee

Robert Sommers
I really have avoided most of the Cerebus stuff on the internet. And when I was reading Cerebus many years ago, it hadn't finished and though Dave Sim had said in interviews that he planned on ending with Cerebus' death, it hadn't happened yet.

But, yeah, I am expecting it to end that way. But like you said, I don't want to know how he dies 'til I get there.

And I still hope I can avoid spoilers for everything that happened after I stopped reading.
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In response to: Welcome to My Cerebus Year

Robert Sommers
Welcome to My Cerebus Year. :)

I do suspect that not being a native English speaker will make it harder to "get" all the humor. I watch a fair bit of British tv (via BBC America and PBS) and there are times I've thought, I bet that would be funny if I lived in England.... :)
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In response to: Cerebus #2: More of the same, really

I doubt he planned the story more than couple of issues ahead at that time. For now he's making it ad hoc, not as a grand scale 300 issue magnum opus.
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In response to: Cerebus #1: And so we begin

My comment would be - NOT FUNNY! Well maybe I had a tiny smirk, when Cerebus said "...Petunias!", but besides this, everything else was a plain fantasy cliche.
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In response to: Spoilers for me, spoilers for thee

Isn't the death of Cerebus a well known fact? At least to people interested in comics/graphic novels? I haven't read much of Cerebus, but everywhere I looked on the internet the prophecy would turn up saying "cerebus dies!". So lets say it loud - he will die!. the question remains how? It's similar to Lost (if you watch it) with Charlie or Locke. At some point in the series, we know they will die (even the characters know it), but we don't know how will the die.

So please, lets keep it that way.
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In response to: Welcome to My Cerebus Year


Funny thing, because year 2009 will also be my Cerebus year. In my case this will be my first reading of it (mostly). I bought first phonebook in early 2008 and I must say, reading it was a pain to me. It wasn't funny (as it supposed to be) and art felt more like from an amateur fanzine. But I gave it another shot and bought the second volume, which was hell better than the first one. And damn harder to understand... I'm not an American or English native speaker for that matter, so it's sometimes difficult to make out all the references and subtext to pop culture and politics. All in all it was a demanding read, but that's the way I like it. So next stop vol. 3? ehhh No... Every time I wanted to buy Church and State something distracted me (damn Absolute Sandman and Complete Peanuts), but enough is enough. No more delays. In 2009 Cerebus is my number one priority. I intend to buy every phonebook and read them.

So yeah, I've bookmarked this site and I'm looking forward to discussing Cerebus.
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In response to: Cerebus #17: T’Gitan plans

Keep up the good work!
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In response to: Cerebus #17: T’Gitan plans

Hooray, new posts! Welcome back, Rob.

After #16 being a disappointment, it sounds like Sim got back on track for this one. No room for filler in this one, apparently! I like the thwarting of expectations in that contrast between how the characters seem at first blush and their true natures. Good insight.

But I do feel like a jerk now -- all those times I dented someone's cow and *didn't* apologize...... ;-)
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In response to: Cerebus #13: Another thing coming

Robert Sommers
Exidor! Man, I haven't thought of that show in a long time. And, yes, I'm old enough to have seen it when it originally aired....
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In response to: Cerebus #13: Another thing coming

Pretty sure the character of Necross is based on Exidor from Mork and Mindy:
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In response to: Cerebus #12: Two for the price of one

Good insight with the Batman connection. The bit about acrobat parents is a bit obvious, but I doubt I would have noticed the Adam West-iness of the "old chum" reference. Nice job!
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